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The Colorful Silicate Garden - Chemical Demonstration Kit
In a matter of seconds, columns of various colors sprout up from the bottom of a beaker containing a clear liquid. The crystals form like stalagmites in a cave and will continue to grow for several days. This beautiful crystal garden is fascinating t...
Growing Crystals in Gels - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Grow your own spectacular display of long-lasting crystals in gels—using large sized demonstration bottles! Mix two solutions together to form a gel overnight. Add another solution to the hardened gel and watch amazing crystals begin to form before y...
The Bursting Water Pipe
Iron is stronger than ice, right? Not on a cold winter's day. Vividly demonstrate what happens to water when it freezes-it expands with enough force to crack a cast iron pipe! Immerse a completely water-filled cast iron pipe into a dry ice/ethyl alco...
"Bouncing Ball" Distillation - Demonstration Kit
Phase changes such as melting and evaporation can be very “moving” events when molecules are the size of balls! A tub-full of jumbo rubber balls is a perfect demonstration device for comparing the energy and motion of molecules in the solid, liquid, ...
Kinetic-Molecular Theory - Multi-Demonstration Kit
The kinetic-molecular theory may be summarized in one simple phrase—molecules in motion! The demonstrations in this kit provide visual evidence for this important concept. Visualizing molecules in motion helps students understand and compare the kine...
Molecular Motion Demonstrator - Demonstration Kit
Help your students visualize molecular motion concepts with this dramatic demonstration device. Just pour the simulated molecules (BBs) into the clear acrylic chamber and focus it on your classroom overhead projector. By varying the number of molecul...
Bubble Thing
Create magical, unbelievable, humongous bubbles. Beautiful, iridescent six-, seven- or eight-foot bubbles that capture the imagination of any age. Bubbles are very easy to create once you have read the 43-page book entitled Big Bubbles Book by David ...
Giant Bubble Wand Kit
If you want to generate instant interest on the properties of matter, ask your students, “Would any of you like to be inside a bubble?” Watch as you are greeted with a classroom full of waving hands and eager students. Satisfy your studen...
Cohesion Plates- Demo Kit
Mesmerize your students by “fusing” two plastic plates together with only a drop of water! This easy demonstration illustrates the cohesive properties of water, and shows that atmospheric pressure is a powerful, unusual force. Smooth plastic plates w...
Crystal Growing Rock - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Amazing! Beautiful popcorn-like crystals actually growing out of a rock. How is this possible? In this demonstration, the teacher performs tests on a limestone rock to determine some of its chemical and physical properties. The rock is then placed in...
Flaming Vapor Ramp - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Are volatile, flammable liquid vapors heavier than air? Safely demonstrate to students that using flammable liquids indoors can create a fire hazard—even if you are quite far from an open flame. In this impressive eye-catching demonstration, hexane v...
Intermolecular Attractions - Multi-Demonstration Kit
Molecules can't be seen, but we can see the forces between molecules. Use this set of four demonstrations to show students what happens when molecules attract each other—or don't! • Floating Oil Droplet The difference in densities of water and ethyl ...
Mass Is Conserved - Volume Is Not! Chemical Demonstration Kit
50 + 50 doesn’t always equal 100! Many students have heard that matter is not created or destroyed. This concept relates to mass but not to volume or moles. Show students that adding two identical volumes does not always give twice the volume when co...
Solutions, Colloids, and Suspensions - Chemical Demonstration Kit
When it comes to mixtures, size matters! The size of the particles will determine whether a mixture is a solution, colloid, or a suspension. Through a series of four demonstrations, students will see and learn how to easily identify a mixture as one ...
Surface Tension Jar - Demonstration Kit
Quickly and easily demonstrate the remarkable properties of surface tension, air pressure, and cohesion using a simple jar. Place a laminated card over the screen-covered mouth of a jar. Flip the jar over and observe as the card stays in place. Remov...
Unexpected Precipitation - A Discrepant Chemical Demonstration Kit
A precipitate forms as a solution is heated, and dissolves again as it cools–opposite of what is typically observed in precipitation reactions. This "discrepant demonstration" is great for introducing the idea that there are exceptions to m...
Water Hammer
Dramatically show your students the incompressibility of a liquid. Shake the Water Hammer up and down and an unexpected sound will be produced-the “ping” of a hammer hitting a nail. Students will suspect that this is a trick, but will be ...
Hot Wax - Chemical Demonstration Kit
Have you ever had melted wax drip on you? It's hot! When melted wax solidifies, enough heat may be released to cause severe skin burns. Find out how much heat is released when melted wax solidifies with this three-part demonstration. • Measure the te...

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