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- Demonstration Kits
Boom Whackers
These award-winning, precisely tuned percussion tubes are excellent educational devices. Plus, they are just fun to use! Simply bang the tube on a knee or on the floor and you will hear a note from the C major diatomic scale-the longer the tube, the ...
Buzzer in a Vacuum Kit
Students are always perplexed when asked, “Do sound waves travel in a vacuum?” Demonstrate this concept with the Buzzer in a Vacuum device. The buzzer operates on a DC power source. Turn the power on and it buzzes loudly. Connect a vacuum pump to the...
Demonstration Buzzer
Easily demonstrate the Doppler effect and fundamental principles of sounds. Tie a string to the buzzer and spin the buzzer over your head. Student will clearly hear the Doppler effect as the buzzer moves toward them and then away from them. Battery a...
Doppler Football Demonstration Kit
Tackling the Doppler effect is a snap with this fun demonstration. Score extra points with your students as you drive home the concepts of sound wavelength and frequency with an audible tone emitted from a foam football. After connecting the buzzer t...
Doppler Effect Demo, Electronic
Safely and effectively demonstrate the Doppler effect! Swing this battery-operated buzzer over your head from its tethered string. Students will quickly observe a significantly higher pitch when it moves towards them, and a lower tone when it moves a...
Magnetic Spin Wheel
The perfect “toy” to teach concepts of resonance. Tilt the wand from side to side and watch as the wheel spins faster and faster. Students will become resonance enthusiasts as they attempt to get the wheel spinning as fast as possible. Relate the mot...
The Resonator Demonstration Kit
Create the concepts of natural frequency and resonance with this dramatic demonstration your students will never forget! Students directly observe resonance in a pair of demonstrations using a series of wooden dowels. In the first demonstration, four...
Singing Rod
Attention! That's what this high-pitched sound-producing rod will get when you perform this demonstration. The 2-foot-long aluminum rod is held bare-handed and rubbed with a special rosin to produce amazingly loud sounds of different wavelengths. The...
Singing Rods Demonstration Set
A classic demonstration-times four! Demonstrate resonance in a variety of different metal rods. Which variables affect the resonating sound the most? Compare thick and thin rods, short and long rods, and solid and hollow rods. Will a hollow tube reso...
Sound Pipe
Noise hose, singing tube, or sound pipe-whatever you call it-you'll have fun demonstrating the Doppler effect while producing five different resonant tones. Your students will not only learn science, but have lots of fun with the 30" sound pipe.
Singing Tube Demonstration
Mystify your students by creating a “singing” pipe organ from an ordinary metal tube. Fast, easy and excellent attention-grabbing demonstration to begin a sound unit, or to reinforce concepts such as standing waves, resonating frequencies, and air co...
Triple Singing Tubes Demonstration Kit
Mystify your students by creating a “singing” pipe organ from an ordinary metal tube. Fast, easy and excellent attention-grabbing demonstration to begin a sound unit, or to reinforce concepts such as standing waves, resonating frequencies, and air co...
Standing Wave Generator
Finally-an inexpensive, yet reliable, standing wave generator! The principles of wavelength, amplitude, nodes and anti-nodes will become concrete to students using this durable wave generator. Highly visible apparatus measures four feet in height-all...
Sympathetic and Differential Tuning Fork Set
Get a tuning fork to sing out its note without ever touching it! Your students won't believe you can do it-but you will with this extremely high-quality set. Set both forks at the same frequency with the open ends of the resonating boxes facing each ...
Thundering Tube- Demo Kit
Does a vibrating spring produce sounds even when they cannot be heard? Use the Thundering Tube amplifier to find out! Pull or shake the spring attached to the rubber drum attached to one end of the Thundering Tube and you will hear an astonishingly r...
Transverse Wave Demonstrator
It's a fundamental wave principle-waves traveling through a medium at the same speed show an inverse relationship between wavelength and frequency. Now you can clearly and easily demonstrate this to your students! All you need is an overhead projecto...
Wave Sticks
Wave stick models are a wonderful way to demonstrate frequency, wavelength, and amplitude of waves. In this kit the teacher will first demonstrate a preassembled wave stick model and then have students construct their own wave stick model. Students w...

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