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- Flammables Cabinets
Flinn/SciMatCo® Bench Top Flammables Cabinet
The Flinn/SciMatCo® Bench top Flammables Cabinet is ideal for small schools or science departments such as biology where small quantities of flammables are stored. Flammables cabinets are available with self-closing door(s) and/or flame arrestors...
Flinn/SciMatCo® 30-Gallon Floor Flammables Cabinet
• Constructed of 1'' thick high-density, 9-ply exterior grade plywood • UL listed • Continuous piano-type hinges on door • Cabinet floor constructed with a 2'' liquid-tight trough to contain spillage • All cabinet joints are rabbeted for ma...
Flinn/SciMatCo® 54-Gallon Floor Flammables Cabinet
• Capacity: 54 Gallons • Meets NFPA and OSHA standards • Constructed of 1" thick, high density 9-ply exterior grade plywood • UL listed • 2" floor spill retention trough • All cabinet joints rabbeted for maximum strength and durabili...

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