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Flinn SDS are written and developed solely for use by science instructors teaching in grades 6 through 12 and community colleges. Flinn SDS are not to be used for any other purpose. This Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is for guidance and is based upon information and tests believed to be reliable. Flinn Scientific, Inc. makes no guarantee of the accuracy or completeness of the data and shall not be liable for any damages relating thereto. The data is offered solely for your consideration, investigation, and verification. Flinn Scientific Inc. assumes no legal responsibility for use or reliance upon this data. The data should not be confused with local, state, federal or insurance mandates, regulations, or requirements and CONSTITUTE NO WARRANTY. Any use of this data and information must be determined by the science instructor to be in accordance with applicable local, state or federal laws and regulations. The conditions or methods of handling, storage, use and disposal of the product(s) described are beyond the control of Flinn Scientific, Inc. and may be beyond our knowledge. FOR THIS AND OTHER REASONS, WE DO NOT ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY AND EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM LIABILITY FOR LOSS, DAMAGE OR EXPENSE ARISING OUT OF OR IN ANY WAY CONNECTED WITH THE HANDLING, STORAGE, USE OR DISPOSAL OF THIS PRODUCT(S).

You and your students are guaranteed to be safer when Flinn chemicals and SDS are used in your science laboratory.

Over 1300 SDS written specifically for science instructors teaching at a middle school, high school or community college are available. Flinn SDS meet American Chemistry Council and ANSI standards.

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