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Physical Science & Physics



- Electromagnetism
Introduction to Electromagnetism
A powerful series of lab activities to help your students learn the basics of electromagnetism. • First, students will explore magnetic fields created by electric currents traveling through wires. • Then students build an electromagnet and experiment...
Faraday's Electromagnetic Induction Demonstration Kit
Clearly demonstrate Faraday's law! Pass a magnet through a wire coil connected to an ammeter and the ammeter needle deflects-an electric current is produced. When the magnet stops moving, the needle returns to zero. Which of the three coils generates...
Technical Revolutions
Science has an amazing history and continues to constantly advance and evolve. Bring history to life by studying famous inventions that have led to functional machines. Construct a safety elevator, electric motor, generator, helicopter synchronous wi...
Faraday's Electromagnetic Induction Apparatus
Clearly demonstrate Faraday's law! Pass a magnet through a wire coil connected to an ammeter and the ammeter needle deflects-an electric current is produced. When the magnet stops moving, the needle returns to zero. Which of the three coils generates...
Eddy Current Experiment Kit
Dramatic, easy-unusual! Drop a nonmagnetic cylinder down a two-foot long metal tube and watch as it falls through the bottom in less than a second. Next, drop a similar-looking magnetic cylinder down the same tube. Your students will be amazed as the...
Eddy's Brake - Lenz's Law Demonstration Kit
How can you quickly slow down a spinning wheel without touching it? With a magnet of course! A changing magnetic field generates temporary electric current loops in conducting metals. These current loops generate their own magnetic field, even if the...
Magnetic "Hydrojet" Demo Kit
Science fiction or science fact-can water-jet propulsion really be generated using electromagnets? Demonstrate the deflection of charged particles by a magnetic field and discuss the possibilities of harnessing this phenomenon for practical purposes....
LaPlace’s Law Demonstrator
A magnetic field is generated by a current-carrying wire. Verify the existence of this magnetic field with the LaPlace’s Law Demonstrator. A U-shaped magnet is placed between two separate parallel conductors. Then a rod with a disc is placed across t...
Lorentz Force Demonstrator
When a charged particle moves through a magnetic field, it is affected by an electromagnetic force called the Lorentz force. When the velocity of the particle is perpendicular to the magnetic field, the particle follows a circular trajectory. When th...
Tangent Galvanometer
Investigate magnetic fields produced by an electric current. Students observe as a current carrying coiled wire produces a magnetic field perpendicular to the direction of the current. Students learn that the strength of the magnetic field varies wit...
Current Balance, External
If a conductor, usually a wire, carries a current and is placed in a magnetic field, it experiences a small force. Electric motors are a good example where such a force occurs. To measure this small force you need a very sensitive balance-like this o...
Electromagnet Kit
Use this economical kit to teach all the basics of electromagnetism. Students can build a bar magnet or a U-shaped electromagnet. Measure the polarity and magnitude of electromagnetic forces. The kit includes two coils on plastic spools, a U-shape ir...
What can lift 100 times its own weight? Answer: This electromagnet! Lift up to 200 pounds using one 1.5 V D-cell battery! Students will remember this dramatic demonstration for years. The precision machined contact surfaces make this electromagnet so...
Electromagnet, Economy Choice
Electromagnets are used in science, engineering and everyday electronics. Simply connect a battery to this low-cost electromagnet to clearly demonstrate that magnetism can be produced by electricity. Change the polarity of the magnet by switching the...
Gilley Coil Kit
Use the modular pieces to perform experiments in magnetic induction, primary and secondary coil transformers, effects of current direction and distance on magnetic lines of force, and effects of electromagnetic polarity between two coils. Background ...
Primary-Secondary Coil
• Electromagnetic Induction • Faraday's Law of Induction • Lenz's Law • Step-up and step-down transformers • Induced current • Induction of current vs. induction of voltage These are just a few of the key concepts you can demonstrate with thi...
Air Core Solenoid
A versatile solenoid. Its large size allows for more applications than smaller solenoids and can be used with a cathode ray tube or current balance. Heavy enamel #16 niclad copper wire is carefully wound on a tough phenolic core. The coil has 570 tur...
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