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Physical Science & Physics



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Centripetal Force Activity Kit
Demonstrate the relationship between angular velocity and centripetal acceleration. The low cost and simple construction of the centripetal force apparatus make it a must for every classroom. The experiment uses the weight of 20 washers hanging from ...
Centripetal Force Activity Kit - Classroom Set
Demonstrate the relationship between angular velocity and centripetal acceleration. The low cost and simple construction of the centripetal force apparatus make it a must for every classroom. The experiment uses the weight of 20 washers hanging from ...
The Flying Pig
If a flying pig is tethered to the ceiling with a string and propelled in a circle by flapping wings—what is the angle the string makes? What would the force diagram look like? How can the flying pig be explained by Newton’s laws? Add some laughs and...
Curve Ahead, Reduce Speed! Centripetal Force Demonstration Kit
Rounding a curve too fast on a bike or in a car can be dangerous! Determine the maximum speed an object can safely travel along a curved path under various conditions by analyzing the effects of the radius of a curve, banking the curve, and friction ...
Greek Waiter's Tray - Super Value Laboratory Kit
How do you make a waiter's tray that won't spill? Use centripetal force, of course! Students build “Greek waiter's” trays to examine the important concepts of centripetal force, friction and Newton's laws of motion. When they place a cup of water in ...
Greek Waiter's Tray
Demonstrate the properties of centripetal force. Confidently swing a filled “wine” glass in dizzying overhead circles as you discuss forces, rotational motion, and gravity. A simple pendulum is included that can be used to deduce the forces acting on...
Bracken's Demonstration Spinner
Introduce your students to the fast, fun and entertaining world of centrifuge demonstrations! Perform a wide array of physical science and chemistry demonstrations such as the Standing Wave Generator, Newton's Color Wheels, Butterfly Orbital, and Cen...
Standing Wave Generator
Finally-an inexpensive, yet reliable, standing wave generator! The principles of wavelength, amplitude, nodes and anti-nodes will become concrete to students using this durable wave generator. Highly visible apparatus measures four feet in height-all...
Newton's Color Wheels
What is color? Why do we see different colors? Demonstrate and explain to students why objects look the color they do using these three highly visible color wheels and a centrifuge device! A two-colored wheel is placed on the centrifuge device and sp...
Butterfly Orbital - Demonstration Kit
Create a concrete analogy of an electron orbital using this low-cost spinning demonstration! Students often experience difficulty in grasping abstract concepts such as the composition of an atom. The butterfly orbital demonstration provides students ...
Centrifugal Hoop Demonstration
Easily demonstrate the phenomenon of centrifugal force! Students will be amazed as this ingenious circular hoop flattens as it spins. The hoop is designed of a plastic material, which greatly increases the safety over the standard metal centrifuge de...
Centrifugal Circle
Help students understand centripetal force while they dispel popular misconceptions about centrifugal force. A vivid demonstration of Newton's first law of motion-the law of inertia. Students watch a ball roll along a circular course. They then predi...
Circular Motion Paradox
This discrepant event demonstration will really get your students thinking about circular motion concepts! Just spin the device by hand and watch the tethered bobbers move almost “magically” into the center of the circle and not to the outside as you...
Liquid Accelerometer - Demonstration Kit
This simple device will help your students visualize their mathematical predictions about circular acceleration. Just spin the apparatus and watch the flat water surface change into a predictable parabolic curve. The speed of the spinning will change...
Galileo's Paradox - Hinged Stick vs. Falling Ball Demonstration Kit
In the blink of an eye, illustrate important concepts such as torque, acceleration and center of mass with this discrepant event demonstration. A stick with a cup near one end and a hinge at the other is propped at an angle with a support rod. A ball...
Spooling Around with Physics - Demonstration Kit
Demonstrate the unusual motion of a spool pulled by a string. Will the spool roll toward the pull or away from the pull? Or, perhaps it won't roll at all. It all depends on the angle of the string. What about the spool's diameter or weight-will they ...
Torque About It
Students discover firsthand how the balance point of a system is affected by mass distribution. First, they measure the mass of randomly selected plastic tubing, steel rod and wood dowel. Next, they combine the pieces in a specific configuration and ...
Torque Feeler
Successfully teach the concept of the “rotating force,” or torque, with this unique device. First, place the hanging mass close to the gripping handle. Students will find it easy to hold the rod horizontal. Then, slide the same mass to th...
Ring and Disc
It's a race! A ring and disc of equal mass and diameter speed down an inclined plane. Which one wins? Not an easy prediction to make but the victor will be clear. Results are explained using concepts of inertia, rotational inertia and potential and k...
Investigating the Rattlebackbowl Kit
A great value-two inquiry-based labs in one! Students learn about rotational motion, friction, and the conservation of energy as they design the best “rattleback”-an object that has a preferred spin direction. When a rattleback is spun the “wrong” di...
Tap the Celt on either end and watch it spin. Spin the Celt clockwise and it will stop and spin in the other direction. What causes the Celt to spin this way? Complete instructions and explanations are included.
Moment of Inertia Set
Students quickly grasp the concept of moment of inertia while waving wands and comparing the ease at which the two wands can be twirled. Each wand is equal in mass, but the mass of one wand is evenly distributed while the mass on the other wand can b...
Variable Inertia Kit
This unique lab is simple to set up, illustrates difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand manner-and is fun! Students get involved by varying the distribution of large steel ball bearings inside the hollow, compartmentalized plastic discs. They ca...
Figure Skating Dumbbells
Quickly demonstrate angular momentum—with a twist! Stand on a rotating platform holding the dumbbells straight out. After a slow rotation is applied, pull in the dumbbells as close to your body as possible. Your students will be astonished with how f...
Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope
Amaze your students with an object that appears to defy gravity! Twist the handles of the spinning handheld bicycle wheel and feel the peculiar body sensation associated with gyroscopic motion. The resulting resistance illustrates the use of gyroscop...
Gyroscope and Gimbal Cradle Kit
A gyroscope is more than just a toy, it is a key in the safe operation of planes, boats, and other devices. Demonstrate these practical applications to your students. This versatile kit allows the demonstration of both gyroscope stability and precess...
The Gyroscope has been a classic educational toy for generations. It will fascinate your students with its mysterious force that seems to defy gravity. The included Chem Fax discusses the mystery behind the Gyroscope.
Rotational Turn Table
Engineered to provide a low-friction rotating surface for experiments involving the conservation of angular momentum and rotational kinetic energy. Its low-friction, ball-bearing design assures good results. It can be set on a level floor for standin...
Rotational Turntable, Labstool
Safely demonstrate rotational motion from the security of a chair. Sitting down will keep your center of mass over the rotating platform making it easier to maintain balance. Students can concentrate more on the rotational science, instead of gravity...
Rotator, Constant Speed
Excellent rotator for stroboscopic experiments. The high-quality motor in this unit provides a constant, steady rotation of objects at 3000 rpm. This steady rotation allows easier synchronization with a stroboscope and thus, more dramatic and consist...
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