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Physical Science & Physics



- Atomic Structure
Think Tube - Demonstration Kit
What could it have been like to imagine the nature of an atom? How difficult is it to produce a model of something that can't be seen? The Think Tube allows students to appreciate the challenges associated with things that cannot be directly observed...
Quantum Leap - Student Laboratory Kit
Take a “quantum leap” to see if you can determine the precise location of an electron around the nucleus of an atom! This engaging lab helps students visualize the shapes and relative positions of the 1s and 2s orbitals in a hydrogen atom. It also br...
Anatomy of an Atom Poster
An in-depth poster that looks at the inner workings of the atom. The atom is “dissected” into its neutron, proton, and electron components. These, in turn, are broken down into their building blocks, the quarks, the gluons, and the mesons. Each parti...
Particle Physics Bingo - Super Value Game
Quarks and leptons, muons and bosons—what are all these particles? Move beyond protons, neutrons and electrons and teach students the basics of modern particle physics by playing an exciting game of bingo! Particle Physics Bingo will help students id...
Photoelectric Effect with Amplifier
Demonstrate what Einstein theorized about back in 1905, and later confirmed-that the energy of an electron ionized by a photon of light depends only on the wavelength of light, and not its intensity. Irradiate the photocathode with a monochromatic li...
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