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Physical Science & Physics



- Diffraction
Measuring with Laser Light - Student Laboratory Kit
How can an object less than a millimeter wide be measured? Students use a key-chain laser pointer to measure the width of three micrometer-size objects—a fishing line, copper wire, and a strand of human hair. As the laser light bends around each obje...
Simulated Double-Slit Interference
Quickly and confidently demonstrate the concept of wave interference. Stack two identical circle patterns together on an overhead projector. Slowly slide one pattern over the other and the interference pattern will clearly develop before your eyes. T...
Holographic Diffraction Grating Film
Diffraction grating film (holographic type). A diffraction grating is a plane surface which contains literally tens of thousands of microscopic lines or grooves. A phenomenon called “diffraction” causes white light to be split or diffracted into its ...
Flinn C-Spectra™, 8" x 10" Sheet
Flinn C-Spectra™—The Diffraction Grating Alternative Wow!! That's what students will say when they see the colors of the spectrum using the Flinn C-Spectra™. The vivid spectrum with distinct color separations helps students understand and enjoy the s...
Spectroscope, Advanced
Measure the angles of prisms using the Law of Reflection, demonstrate optics phenomena with a diffraction grating or measure the wavelengths of monochromatic light sources with this economical spectrometer. Reliable results will be obtained while stu...
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