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Physical Science & Physics



- Polarization
Basic Polarized Light Demonstration Kit
What is polarized light, and what effect does polarized light have on the appearance of an object? Introduce your students to the principles of polarization using this fun kit. The activities may be used to demonstrate the transverse wave characteris...
Kaleidoscoptical Activity - Demonstration Kit
A radially polarized filter is placed on an overhead projector stage and a regular (parallel) polarized filter is positioned above it. As expected, the image produced shows four quadrants, alternating light-dark-light-dark. As an optically active sol...
Polarizing Film, 6" X 6"
Sheet of linear polarizing film measuring 5-5/8" x 6". Each sheet is laminated to protect the film from damage, yet can be easily cut to any size you need. Ideal for introducing and demonstrating the polarization of light.
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