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Physical Science & Physics



- Physics of Toys
Calendar, Physical Science Fun Facts
Who was Neils Bohr? When was Robert Hooke born? Capture your students' attention with 366 days of physical science fun facts! Hang this colorful, fact-filled calendar in your classroom and spark some great science discussion! Informational calendar ...
Ready, Aim-Fire! This powerful air cannon will blow out a candle at 10 paces. Perform the “William Tell” demonstration as you knock a foam cup off a student's head from across the classroom with a blast of air. Have fun as you teach about air pressur...
Bernoulli Demonstator
What lifts a jet airplane off the runway? What makes a baseball curve? Why does your shower curtain cave in on you when you turn the shower on? Discuss these and other phenomena as explained by scientist Daniel Bernoulli with this easy-to-use, hands-...
Balancing Bird
How does this bird defy the laws of gravity? Because of two well-placed weights at the end of its colorful wings, its center of gravity is located at the very tip of its beak. Spin it on its stand or balance it on a finger. Wingspan of 6 1/2". C...
Bubble Thing
Create magical, unbelievable, humongous bubbles. Beautiful, iridescent six-, seven- or eight-foot bubbles that capture the imagination of any age. Bubbles are very easy to create once you have read the 43-page book entitled Big Bubbles Book by David ...
Giant Bubble Wand Kit
If you want to generate instant interest on the properties of matter, ask your students, “Would any of you like to be inside a bubble?” Watch as you are greeted with a classroom full of waving hands and eager students. Satisfy your studen...
Professor Bubbles Official Bubble Handbook
Become a bubble-ologist! Learn how to make giant bubbles, chains of bubbles, even bubbles inside of bubbles. Contains more than 34 fun bubble activities for all grade levels in varying degrees of difficulty. 1988, 96 pages, 8 1/2" x 5 1/4",...
Drinking Bird
Truly a classic demonstration. Your students will be fascinated by the drinking bird that doesn't know when to stop. Teach thermodynamics and pressure, and have fun at the same time. ChemFax instruction sheet provided.
Energy Stick
Students become human electrical conductors! Completely safe to touch and handle, the Energy Stick features electrodes on each end of its 7½" tube. When these electrodes are touched simultaneously, long-lasting LED lights inside the tube flash a...
Fountain Connection
A wonderful pressure and vacuum demonstration. In 62 A.D. Hero of Alexandria described a water fountain that used compressed air to lift water to a point higher than its origin. Using two 2-liter pop bottles and the Fountain Connection, you will cons...
Hand Boiler
Amaze your students by having liquid boil with the touch of your hand. You can even perform a fractional distillation (instructions included). There is no end to the fun and learning with the Hand Boiler.
Pulse Glass
Dramatic demonstration with only the heat from your hand. Two glass bulbs are connected with a glass tube and contain a colored, volatile liquid. Holding one of the bulbs in your hand causes the liquid to boil causing vapor to move into the other bul...
Magnetic Spin Wheel
The perfect “toy” to teach concepts of resonance. Tilt the wand from side to side and watch as the wheel spins faster and faster. Students will become resonance enthusiasts as they attempt to get the wheel spinning as fast as possible. Relate the mot...
Tornado Tube
Create a tornado using two empty plastic soft drink bottles. This unique toy employs hydraulic principles to create the vortex of a tornado. The Tornado Tube can be used over and over again.
The Two-Potato Clock
Operate a clock for months at a time using nothing but two potatoes as an energy source. Or you can try limes, lemons, plants, soda, and more. Besides providing you with a clock which keeps great time, we will also explain the chemistry of how and wh...
Zero Blaster
Teaching about Bernoulli's principle and air pressure has never been more fun! This unique and easy-to-use smoke ring generator is sure to be a big hit in your classroom. The donut-shaped vortex is produced by high-pressure air exiting the hole of th...
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