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Physical Science & Physics



- Fluids
Introduction to Bernoulli's Principle Kit
What prevents a card from blowing away, or a ball from flying out of a cup? How does an atomizer work? With this kit, students will explore the basic conceptual applications of Bernoulli's principle. Students perform four fundamental hands-on activit...
Cartesian Diver Construction - Super Value Kit
Students learn the relationship between pressure and air volume and how air volume acts to regulate buoyancy by constructing Cartesian divers made of simple equipment and materials. Procedures for constructing 11 different types of Cartesian divers a...
Cartesian Diver Design Challenge - Guided-Inquiry Kit
Students will dive right in to this fun guided-inquiry kit! In this activity, students explore the world of Cartesian divers by investigating open and closed divers and determining what makes a diver work. After testing a basic diver, students are ch...
Soda Bottle Physics Kit
This conveniently-packaged kit provides the accessories needed to perform four dramatic demonstrations using empty plastic soda bottles. Blast off a bottle rocket with the rocket attachment. Create a tornado in a bottle with the tornado tube attachme...
Pascal's Law - Student Laboratory Kit
Lift up your students' understanding of Pascal's law, hydraulics and mechanical advantage! First, challenge students to a Pascal-syringe “thumb war” using connected syringes filled with water. Then, after your victory, students will experiment with t...
Bottomless Bottle - Pascal's Law Demonstration Kit
Use this old parlor trick to dramatically demonstrate Pascal's law of equal pressure and the incompressibility of fluids. Fill a glass bottle with water. Firmly grip the neck of the bottle, give the top of the bottle a whack with a rubber mallet and—...
Water Hammer
Dramatically show your students the incompressibility of a liquid. Shake the Water Hammer up and down and an unexpected sound will be produced-the “ping” of a hammer hitting a nail. Students will suspect that this is a trick, but will be ...
The Bursting Water Pipe
Iron is stronger than ice, right? Not on a cold winter's day. Vividly demonstrate what happens to water when it freezes-it expands with enough force to crack a cast iron pipe! Immerse a completely water-filled cast iron pipe into a dry ice/ethyl alco...
Principles of Hydraulics - Student Laboratory Kit
Finally, a hydraulics kit designed so that quantitative measurements can be collected allowing your students to discover hydraulic principles for themselves. Students will measure the diameters of hydraulic pistons, calculate their areas, and then ...
Physics Pro Hydraulics Set
Investigate mechanical physics and fluid dynamics by building hydraulic and pneumatic machines that connect the classroom to physics in the real world! A 96-page colorful experiment and instruction manual begins with an introductory section with 17 l...
Mini Hydraulic Experiment Set
Ask questions, solve problems, and build the solution! Enrich engineering skills when students are challenged to design and build hydraulic models. Students are guided through the construction of machines and then asked to reflect on their final prod...
Venturi Tube
What do you get when you blow into one tube with two diameters? The Venturi effect, of course! A Venturi tube is a tube or pipe that has two different diameters. When fluid or gas flows through the more narrow section of the tube, pressure is reduced...
Hydraulic Hot Water Bottle - Demonstration Kit
Three fun water pressure demonstrations in one complete kit! With a simple hot water bottle, elevate your students' understanding of hydraulics, Pascal's law, Bernoulli's principle and the conservation of energy. An excellent value! Demonstrate why w...
Water Spouts - Kinetic vs. Potential Energy - A Torricelli's Law Demonstration Kit
Science includes observation that sparks curiosity. If a full water bottle has three outlets—one at the top, one in the middle and one near the bottom will the water flow from each outlet in the same manner? The Water Spouts demonstration is a visual...
Cohesion Plates- Demo Kit
Mesmerize your students by “fusing” two plastic plates together with only a drop of water! This easy demonstration illustrates the cohesive properties of water, and shows that atmospheric pressure is a powerful, unusual force. Smooth plastic plates w...
Capillary Equilibrium Tube
The results of this demonstration will require some thoughtful explanation because the final water levels are not all the same height as one might predict. Normally water in a series of commonly connected tubes at the same height would all reach equi...
Adhesion Disk
An impressive hands-on demonstration of adhesive surface tension. Hang the 7.5-cm glass disk by its three precisely coordinated hanging cords over a container of liquid. Then let the disk rest on the surface of the liquid. Students can feel the force...
Hydraulic Elevator - Physical Science Demonstration Kit
Atmospheric pressure is all around us and we can prove it with the power of pressure! A water-filled test tube is covered with an index card and inverted. The card stays in place due to atmospheric pressure. Could the pressure push a smaller tube int...
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