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Physical Science



Introduction to Simple Machines: Levers and Pulleys
Ready, set, lift! Build eight different real-world lever and pulley machines from one economical set of materials. With these hands-on models, students will identify, investigate and experiment with three classes of levers and various pulley systems....
Introduction to Simple Machines: Wheels, Axles, Inclined Planes
Your students will be “rolling” in the aisles! With this set, students study the most fundamental simple machines-the wheel and the wedge. By building one of three wheel and axle models, or three inclined plane models, students gain a hands-on apprec...
Introduction to Simple Machines: Gears
Get in gear! This kit provides enough materials for students to build one of seven simple gear models. Students will investigate and experiment with these real-world gear machines, and actively gain an understanding of the properties and functions of...
Forces, Energy and Motion
On your mark, get set-go! Students build eleven different vehicles to observe how energy can be stored and then transfered to kinetic energy to produce motion. Students will experiment with a spring-driven motor, flywheel motor, battery-operated moto...
Introduction to Structures: Bridges
What a value! This excellent hands-on set allows students to build one of 13 real-world bridges. Students construct and investigate seven types of bridges-arch, beam, truss, cable-stayed, cantilever, suspension and bascule. Students will be able to i...
Real Bridge Building
Build six-foot-long replicas of seven of the most unique bridges in the world! This activity is perfect for studying real-world applications of concepts such as forces, simple machines, and equilibrium. Define the characteristics of the different bri...
Amusement Park Experience
Students become theme-park engineers! As they build and experiment with real-world amusement park rides, students will gain a better understanding of Newton’s laws, gear ratios, pendulums and momentum. Rides that can be constructed include a roller c...
Roller Coaster Physics
Generate more excitement in the classroom by constructing a complete roller coaster! Students will definitely improve their understanding of the laws of motion. Eleven different roller coasters can be built. Students will experiment with loop-the-loo...
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