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Safety Supplies



- Liability Reduction
Liability Reduction Kit
Reduce your liability with Flinn Scientific's Liability Reduction Kit. These inexpensive “tools” are very helpful in proving you are a responsible science teacher. Kit includes 50 student safety contracts, 50 laboratory safety tests, 100 safety viola...
Accident Report, Pad of 50
In the event of an accident, filling out an accident report promptly and describing the “event” in detail will save you a lot of time and aggravation. This ready-made, two-sided form requires 18 entries. Valuable for science teachers, allowing you to...
Laboratory Safety Violation Citation with Teacher's Guide
A helpful safety tool for the science teacher. If auto drivers violate the rules of the road, they receive a traffic ticket or citation. The same can be made to apply to students in the science laboratory. The safety violation citation is a package o...
Laboratory Safety Contract for Science Students, Pad/50
The foundation of any school science safety program is the development and use of a student safety contract-a contract clearly spelling out the safety rules of the science laboratory which students must follow. Flinn Scientific has developed the “ide...
Laboratory Safety Test for Science Students, Pad/50
A laboratory safety test for science students grades 9-12. Consists of 35 questions covering a wide array of key areas. Brief teacher's guide page with answer key accompanies each pad of 50 tests.
Laboratory Safety Inspection Kit
Are your school’s science areas, laboratories, and storerooms safe? Do you want to save time performing a safety inspection with guidelines to follow? The Flinn Laboratory Safety Inspection Kit helps you identify existing and impending safety problem...
Lab License, Pkg/100
Working in a chemistry lab is a privilege which requires students to know and abide by the rules and to behave in a responsible manner. The Lab License® is awarded to students after they have passed a safety exam early in the semester. When a st...
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