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How to Read a GHS Label, Poster
Pictograms, signal words, and hazard codes oh my! This exclusive Flinn poster is a quick and easy reference for your chemical storeroom to help you remember and understand the changes made to chemical labels as a result of the Globally Harmonized Sys...
Laboratory Safety Symbols
Visually alert students to the required safety equipment and laboratory precautions on lab days. The symbols include: Glassware Hazard, Heat and Burn Hazard, Poison Hazard, Biological Hazard, Sharps Hazard, Electrical Safety, Fire Safety, Animal Safe...
Velcro Dot Tape
Two-foot long strip contains 24 hook-and-loop pairs. Dots are  3/4" in diameter.
Flexible Magnetic Tape
Flexible magnetic strips have a tape adhesive on one side and a magnet on the other. The magnetic side will stick to a magnetic chalkboard. Hundreds of laboratory and classroom uses! Easily cut with scissors. Each roll of tape is 1/2" wide x 10 ...
Fox E. Flinn Safety Poster Set
Your students are visually oriented. Use these large 12 1/2" x 18 1/2", colorful posters to focus student attention to 20 different and distinct safety messages. Fox E. Flinn posters are bright, colorful, and, most importantly, they help sc...
Laboratory Safety Poster Set
Give students positive, visual reminders of vital laboratory safety rules by posting them in the classroom. Colorful posters featuring fun, whimsical characters send a clear message—safety is important every day! Printed on heavy-duty laminated stock...
Flinn Chemical Storage Pattern Poster
Where should I store sodium sulfate? Which chemicals belong to the Inorganic 2 family? Easily answer these storage questions and more with this highly visible, low-cost, Flinn Chemical Storage Pattern Poster! Large, easy-to-read type makes it simple ...
Storage Patterns Wall Chart
The Flinn Suggested Chemical Storage Patterns have been adopted by science teachers across the United States. The Flinn Suggested Chemical Storage Patterns have now been enlarged and are available as 11" wide x 17" high wall charts. Post th...
Flinn Favorite Goggle Safety Posters
Keep the focus on safety all year long with this set of three eye-catching posters. The message is clear—wear your goggles! Display all three at once or rotate throughout the year. The 11” x 17” posters are printed on heavy stock with a laminate cove...
Laboratory in Progress Poster
Visually reinforce your policy on wearing goggles during lab and provide a warning to students, teachers, or administrators entering the room that a lab is in progress. The poster is printed on sturdy card stock and laminated for repeated use. Adhesi...
Laboratory Safety Chart
Reinforce safety continuously with this full-color illustrated “Safety Bible” for your laboratory wall. A list of safety rules is the center focus of the chart. Twenty-three panels illustrating proper safety techniques surround the list. Proper labor...
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