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AP1576 - $23.50
What is a piezo lighter? The “piezoelectric effect” results from compression of a crystal of quartz. The compression generates an electrostatic voltage. In the case of this appliance, the electricity produced is in the form of a burst of electrical...
AP6286 - $12.60
Spark it up! Use this inexpensive, fully assembled piezoelectric igniter similar to a starter in gas grills to perform any experiment that requires a spark! Igniter comes with a durable PVC safety coating to protect the user. Using a piezoelectric...
AP6609 - $7.80
Build your own piezoelectric igniter to fit microscale “bulb rockets” using our basic piezoelectric igniter. Comes with complete instructions and references for two microscale gas experiments.
AP8346 - $2.95
For igniting burners.
AP8348 - $2.40
Replacement flints for flint lighter.
AP8960 - $8.05
A safety must! Eliminate the need for endless supplies of matches and the burned fingers that accompany their use. Produce a flame to light burners, candles, splints, or anything else with just the click of a button. Unlike conventional lighters, flame...
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