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SE2060 - $874.45
“The original Stak-a-Cab™”Great for mid to large science departments or stockrooms with space restrictions. These spacious cabinets can be placed on top of a storeroom benchtop or stacked three-high to create a compact chemical storage space. Choose...
SE9041 - $602.70
A smaller Stak-a-Cab™ ideal for biology or physical science storage areas. Also perfect for smaller high schools (500 students) or middle schools. Locate on top of a storeroom benchtop or on the floor under a counter. Also stack two or three high to...
SE9462 - $97.65
For use with Mini Stak-a-Cab™ units. Use floor stand as the base for stacking one to three cabinets on the floor. Stand lifts the bottom cabinet 4" off the floor for safety and ease of use. All units: 4" H x 14" D x 30˝" W
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