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AP7246 - $43.00
Take the weak acid vinegar, substitute three chlorine atoms for the three hydrogen atoms, and remarkably, the new acid is 10,000 times more powerful! Acids vary greatly in their strength—their ability to ionize or produce H+ ions when dissolved in...
AP7409 - $33.30
The course description for the College Board AP Chemistry lists the following topics for stoichiometry: net ionic equations, balancing equations, and mass and volume relationships relating to the mole concept, empirical formulas and limiting reactants....
AP7424 - $52.60
The following topics are listed for acids and bases by the College Board: concepts of Arrhenius, Brønsted–Lowry and Lewis, coordination complexes, amphoterism, pKa and pH, buffers, and hydrolysis. Use this set of three acid–base demonstrations to both...
AP7436 - $66.05
Use this set of integrated, interactive demonstrations to help students review the major principles of oxidation–reduction. Set of two demonstrations includes: • Reactions of Iron(II) and Iron(III) Ions Investigate electron transfer reactions of Fe2+...
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