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AP5789 - $296.75
Ideal device for your harmonic motion demonstrations. This ruggedly built oscillator will provide mechanical vibrations for driving strings, springs, ripple tanks, Chladni plates, or any other objects used in wave demonstrations. It sits on any flat...
AP4616 - $20.05
Simpler alternative to resonant water columns. No need for water and its inevitable mess. A tuning fork is struck and held at the end of an open-ended hollow resonance tube. While listening to the tuning fork, students slide the expandable column until...
AP7400 - $35.55
Demonstrate the apparent discrepant effects of sound interference using an easy-to-assemble apparatus. Send a sound wave along two paths of different lengths. What happens if one path is blocked? The result may surprise you and your students! When...
FB1994 - $45.35
Listen up! We are constantly exposed to sounds from televisions, radios, traffic, and even each other. When present at safe volumes, these sounds don’t affect our hearing, but, if the sounds are too loud or last too long, hearing may be compromised....
AP7457 - $33.60
Tackling the Doppler effect is a snap with this fun demonstration. Score extra points with your students as you drive home the concepts of sound wavelength and frequency with an audible tone emitted from a foam football. After connecting the buzzer...
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