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AP7326 - $45.40
Let students see for themselves the difference between a circle and the elliptical path a planet follows as it orbits the Sun. In this hands-on activity, students construct ellipses and then explore the shape of a planet’s orbit as they investigate...
AP7386 - $25.70
Your class is hiking on a field trip and comes to a large hill. Just how much higher is the top of the hill from your current position? With these handy clinometers, students can indirectly measure the height of tall objects such as hills, trees, and...
AP7406 - $54.25
For centuries earthquakes have both fascinated and frightened. In this activity-stations lab, students explore what causes earthquakes, discover why they are so unpredictable, and investigate factors that impact the effects of seismic activity. Four...
AP7675 - $14.05
When your students get a glass of water from a faucet, do they stop to wonder where in the world that water has been? Send your students on an adventure where they follow a drop of water navigating the water cycle. This interactive exercise helps students...
AP8045 - $46.75
Put a spin on egg decorating this year—add sparkling crystals! You’ll find everything you need to introduce crystallization and mineral formation with this unique and fun laboratory kit. Students apply the concept of solubility to create a supersaturated...
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