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AP7385 - $42.71
A new twist on an old favorite! The catalyzed decomposition of hydrogen peroxide is a prolific oxygen generator. It’s even more wonderful when yeast is the catalyst and light stick chemicals are added, creating volumes and volumes of glowing foam....
AP7378 - $38.10
A fun way to shed some light on core chemistry concepts! Using common glow sticks, students learn about chemiluminescence, pH optimization, acid–base chemistry, and the action of a catalyst. Compare the effervescent glow of light sticks with different...
AP7290 - $81.10
Captivate students’ attention with four “enlightening” demonstrations about chemiluminescence! • When light is produced without heat, that’s cool! Pour two solutions together to illustrate the light-producing reaction that takes place when luminol...
AP7421 - $63.35
Try this amazing demonstration! Construct a model volcano using polyurethane foam, and then produce a fiery lava flow using the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide and light stick chemicals. An awesome display of chemical reactions simulating a volcanic...
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