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FB1969 - $66.95
Engaging review activities to help students explain and predict mechanisms of biological regulation at the cellular and organismic levels for the AP Biology Exam! The College Board lists regulation as one of the eight major themes for an integrated...
FB1976 - $34.75
Teach students to identify and classify chromosome smears according to the Denver System using large magnetic demonstration models of chromosomes! Begin by building a karyotype of a normal male and a normal female on your magnetic classroom board....
FB1965 - $56.85
As students help construct and then analyze a pedigree chart of England’s Queen Victoria, they learn about sex-linked traits and the genetic patterns associated with sex-linked inheritance. This 5’ x 2 1/2’ large-scale magnetic chart is easily assembled...
FB1790 - $53.65
ELISA is an acronym for the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay—a widely used test to screen patients for allergies or certain diseases. In this interactive demonstration, you will guide your students through a realistic simulation of the steps involved...
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