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AP6931 - $149.65
How effective are different simple machines in certain tasks? Use this comprehensive lab kit to allow students to experiment with four types of simple machines-the inclined plane, pulley, gears and levers-and study the advantages of each. Students...
AP7397 - $23.95
Bright, fun, informative poster illustrates the properties and applications of six simple machines. Includes descriptions of the basic physical science concepts for each machine—load, resistance, force, effort, etc.—and explains how the machine works...
AP7837 - $358.20
Levers, pulleys, wheel and axles, inclined planes, wedges, screws, and gears—this set has them all! Students acquire necessary engineering and physics knowledge when presented with inquiry-based lessons to build models of simple machines. Comprehensive...
AP7845 - $32.70
A simple and durable wooden model of an inclined plane with a cart. Additional weight can be added to the cart to explore the effects on motion. Constructed of particle board and wooden components. Cart has rubber wheels that fit into grooves on the...
AP7846 - $32.70
Increase mechanical advantage with a simple wedge. A wedge is used to push objects apart. Common examples include a shovel, the tip of a nail, or a log splitter. Easy-to-use particle board and wooden construction. 13-5/8" x 3-5/8" with an...
AP7812 - $201.10
Explore the mechanical advantage of pulleys with equipment designed for both the teacher and the student! Highly visible red pulleys can be seen from the back of the room for demonstrations. Or purchase multiple sets for students to use at lab stations—the...
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