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LM1137 - $13.80
Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia). Hollow, pitcher-shaped leaves that are extremely attractive to insects. When insects enter the leaf, escape is prevented by downward-pointing hairs. Cultivate in acid-bog terraria. Fascinating and beautiful plants that should...
LM1138 - $11.65
Sundew (Drosera). Long thin leaves which terminate in disc-shaped pads. Hairs radiating from the pads secrete  a sticky substance that traps insects. Relatively easily maintained in warm, humid environments. Fascinating and beautiful plants that...
LM1139 - $13.10
Venus' Flytrap (Dionaea). Clamshell-like leaves with a reddish inner surface that serves to attract insects. Successive stimuli on this inner surface induce the trap to rapidly close. Maintain on sphagnum/peat in bog terraria. Fascinating and beautiful...
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