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AP7408 - $86.55
Whether you’re lifting a box, playing hockey, or flying to the moon, your physical motion and interactions are governed by Newton’s laws! In this activity-stations lab, students investigate inertia, force, and acceleration using air pucks, carts and...
AP7521 - $63.25
Captivate the natural curiosity of your students with slingshot cars! In this hands-on activity, students investigate Newton’s Laws and gain a better conceptual understanding of these laws that govern motion. By increasing the force that accelerates...
AP8059 - $36.95
Explore the world of physics, projectile motion and gravity with this adrenaline-filled experience! Students are challenged to recreate the pinpoint accuracy required to air drop a package during times of war or natural disaster when land is inaccessible....
AP8058 - $34.75
In this battle of brains, students design, construct and crash vehicles of mass destruction! Utilizing concepts of engineering, physics and poultry, each student is challenged to create a vehicle that will not only protected its precious cargo (an...
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