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AP7118 - $46.45
A magnetic liquid, also known as a ferrofluid, may seem like a space-age concept. That's because it is! Now you can prepare a ferrofluid and demonstrate the concept that was invented by NASA in the 1960s to control liquids in space. The procedure is...
AP7432 - $35.60
Ferrofluid, first developed by NASA in the 1960s, consists of nano-sized magnetic particles suspended in a liquid. Your students will be fascinated as you demonstrate the unique properties of this nanoscience material and produce interesting 3-dimensional...
AP7483 - $19.75
Discover the incredible properties of silver nanoparticles in this hands-on nanotechnology activity. Students create their own colloidal silver solution, observe the ability of the solution to scatter light, and learn about its antimicrobial properties....
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