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ML1434 - $76.30
Comprehensive and informative cell division study set features six microscope slides, three colorful overhead transparencies, and detailed student worksheets. Allium root tips slide shows the lateral view of all mitosis stages. Whitefish embryo slide...
ML1435 - $75.95
Illustrate different bacteria using this informative study set. Includes six microscope slides in a plastic box, three overhead color transparencies, and detailed student worksheets. Two slides are carefully stained to show mouth bacteria and three...
ML1437 - $77.15
Explore pathology at the microscopic level and show students the effect disease has on cells. Set includes six slides of diseased tissue, three colorful overhead transparencies, and student worksheets. Students can see how alcohol damages liver cells...
ML1439 - $45.95
Give students the opportunity to see what types of evidence scientists examine in a forensics lab! This intriguing set of slides allows students to view seven different samples containing different evidence specimens that would typically be found at...
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