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FB2073 - $259.95
Compact and affordable mini centrifuge is perfect for everyday use in the prep room or laboratory. Simply place the samples in the rotor, close the lid, and the rotor reaches 6,000 rpm in seconds. Unit quietly spins samples and instantly decelerates...
AP7747 - $470.90
A compact and affordable microcentrifuge ideal for routine use in a prep room or laboratory. It can be used with AC power or as a portable unit with a 12V DC battery. (AC adapter power cord included.)This microcentrifuge has variable speed from 0 to...
AP8212 - $449.50
The ZipCombo is the perfect solution to your microcentrifuge needs! The flat microhematocrit rotor spins shorter capillary tubes and eliminates angled separation lines, clay blow-outs and broken tubes. This six-place microtube rotor has a maximum RCF...
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