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AP4569 - $49.70
Writing formulas can be a real challenge for many students. Flinn has developed a kit which will help your students understand why atoms combine in certain ratios and how to write formulas for the compounds formed. Students experimentally determine...
AP4570 - $19.50
Chemical formulas such as (NH4)2SO4, with all of those seemingly random numbers, letters and parentheses, can seem intimidating to a student who is first learning to write formulas. This “teacher-tested” kit will familiarize students with ions and...
AP7430 - $26.60
See the true colors of copper carbonate. The empirical formula of copper carbonate is not obvious but its parts can be investigated and related to the composition of the whole. Students measure the amount of gas generated and apply colorimetric analysis...
AP7524 - $64.95
Have your students perform paper chromatography using metal ions! In this kit, students learn more about the basics of paper chromatography by developing and evaluating their own chromatograms. Students determine the components of an unknown solution...
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