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ML1055 - $4.45
w.m. Composite slide of five or more common species.
ML1056 - $4.25
w.m. Small spherical cells, a common symbiont with Paramecium, Hydra, and Poriferans.
ML1057 - $4.65
w.m. Branching filaments made up of large, multinucleate cells.
ML1059 - $6.85
w.m. Common in fresh-water, forms unbranched filaments with distinctive specialized reproductive cells.
ML1061 - $4.50
w.m. Filaments of large species, cells with multiple spiral chloroplasts which are characteristic.
ML1062 - $4.30
w.m. Small species, cells with chloroplasts.
ML1063 - $4.65
w.m. Unbranched, filamentous algae. Vegetative and reproductive filaments present.
ML1065 - $4.80
w.m. Mixed species. Several common forms.
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