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AP4847 - $66.70
You are what you eat! Many vegetables contain carotenoids, chlorophylls, and other pigments which contribute to their characteristic color. Pigments such as ß-carotene make vegetables “good for us.” In this kit, students will extract pigments from...
AP8917 - $8.95
A fantastic, yet inexpensive method of teaching column chromatography. Column liquid chromatography is used in industry to separate mixtures and detect trace components of a mixture. The Sep-Pak® cartridge is filled with a solid nonpolar material...
AP7392 - $61.15
There is more to spinach than meets the eye! A green leafy vegetable, spinach contains iron, chlorophyll, and several other pigments. Students are guided in the use of basic column chromatography techniques to find and identify these accessory pigments...
AP7613 - $27.80
Introduce students to column chromatography using these small-scale chromatography columns. Polypropylene columns are a must to perform extraction, separation, and collection of pigments from a variety of plant produce and colored beverages. Each package...
AP8074 - $196.35
Separate and purify chemical compounds from mixtures using this chromatography column. Column comes with a coarse frit to hold the stationary phase in place and prevent it from running out the column. The PTFE plug allows for control over the flow...
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