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AB1118 - $84.80
How does the air look, smell, taste and feel in your community? Expand your students' knowledge about the quality of the air they breathe! In this kit, students are introduced to common types of air pollution. Air quality tests are performed for particulate...
FB0410 - $205.95
A dynamically interactive classroom learning experience incorporating several hands-on activities. Students will measure the pH of water samples, investigate acid rain effects on plants and soils, create acid rain posters, chart the path of acid rain...
AP6000 - $89.95
Demonstrate the harmful effects of contaminated air on plants. Prepare a controlled environment and generate a known quantity of sulfur dioxide, a common air pollutant released by automobiles and factories. See firsthand the types of damage SO2 can...
AP6460 - $33.80
How clean is the air you breathe? In this hands-on kit, students will explore air pollution and discover just what types and amounts of particulates are found in local air. Students will have the opportunity to place observational slides in locations...
FB1611 - $14.25
What is the greenhouse effect? How did it get this name? Set up model mini-greenhouses and demonstrate the principles of the greenhouse effect for your students. In less than one class period, the measured temperature differences in the mini-greenhouses...
FB1615 - $50.15
Plants need moisture and other key ingredients to grow vigorously and stay healthy. How do environmental pollutants (such as acid rain, fertilizers, street salt, and detergents) affect the vigor and growth of plants? What are pollutants to plants?...
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