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AP5946 - $23.35
Easily distinguish solutions of iron(II) and iron(III) ions by performing redox reactions between iron's two oxidation states. Answer the question of why iron(III) is the more stable of the two states. Simply add various complex ions to solutions of...
AP8462 - $25.75
A colorless solution is placed in a Petri dish on an overhead projector. The solution will become dark orange then colorless again by the addition of certain solutions and solids. A dynamic demonstration to illustrate LeCh,telier's principle of equilibrium....
AP6603 - $118.85
It's spring break. Time to cast off the winter doldrums and embrace the bright new season! Celebrate the arrival of spring with six fun demonstrations: • An oscillating chemical reaction alternates between frigid blue and sunny yellow, just like the...
AP8461 - $32.75
Mix water from a large beaker back and forth into five other beakers. Your students will observe a variety of color changes. Solutions looking like red wine, lemonade, grape juice and others are produced with the final solution being a distinct yellow....
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