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ML1055 - $4.45
w.m. Composite slide of five or more common species.
ML1056 - $4.25
w.m. Small spherical cells, a common symbiont with Paramecium, Hydra, and Poriferans.
ML1057 - $4.65
w.m. Branching filaments made up of large, multinucleate cells.
ML1059 - $6.85
w.m. Common in fresh-water, forms unbranched filaments with distinctive specialized reproductive cells.
ML1061 - $4.50
w.m. Filaments of large species, cells with multiple spiral chloroplasts which are characteristic.
ML1062 - $4.30
w.m. Small species, cells with chloroplasts.
ML1063 - $4.65
w.m. Unbranched, filamentous algae. Vegetative and reproductive filaments present.
ML1065 - $4.80
w.m. Mixed species. Several common forms.
ML1066 - $4.65
w.m. Mixed marine species with protoplasts stained.
ML1067 - $4.25
w.m. Mixed freshwater species with protoplasts stained.
ML1068 - $6.95
sec. Marine species known as rock-weed. Median section of male conceptacle to show ostiole and antheridia.
ML1071 - $8.85
sec. Median section of monoecious specimen with both antheridia and oogonia present.
ML1072 - $8.35
w.m. Marine species, widely distributed. Preparation of branched thallus with tetraspores.
ML1073 - $12.95
w.m. Composite slide to show antheridia, cystocarp (structure with developing spores) and tetraspores.
ML1413 - $53.25
Ten slides that provide an introduction to the major classes of algae. By examining representatives from several classes, students will learn that the algae are an extremely heterogeneous group with respect to pigmentation, structure, life history,...
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