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AP6298 - $19.20
Perform this safe demonstration to show how naturally occurring elements can neutralize acid rain. Students will learn how the chemical makeup of soil can act as a buffer and alter the pH of rainwater. The acid neutralizing ability of two different...
AP9157 - $23.65
Perform a safe, microscale simulation of acid rain formation in a plastic bag. Chemicals react to form a visible brown cloud of nitrogen dioxide which, in turn, acidifies water present in the system. An acid–base indicator shows the speed and degree...
FB0010 - $32.75
Automobiles and factories belching smoke and fumes into a toxic, unbreathable atmosphere. A pristine pond and a deadly rainstorm. Create this dramatic scenario for your class!   A micro environment is created in an aquarium where sulfur and nitrogen...
FB0011 - $70.41
When nitrogen and oxygen—the two primary components of the air we breathe—combine under certain conditions the results can be devastating. In this demonstration nitrogen oxides are generated by the dissolution of copper in nitric acid and the resulting...
AP6300 - $79.90
What is acid rain and how does it affect nature? In this experiment, rain solutions of varying pH will be placed on plant seedlings. The harmful effects of acid rain are dramatic! Students will gain in-depth knowledge of what acid rain is, how it forms...
AP5039 - $67.30
Heighten your students' awareness of acid rain with this complete field study kit. Students collect rain samples and test the pH either out in the field or in the lab. Water samples from local streams, lakes, or ponds can also be tested for acidity....
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