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AP4532 - $71.30
Students are always perplexed when asked, “Do sound waves travel in a vacuum?” Demonstrate this concept with the Buzzer in a Vacuum device. The buzzer operates on a DC power source. Turn the power on and it buzzes loudly. Connect a vacuum pump to the...
AP5730 - $49.70
The Ames tube is a unique new acoustical device which is a combination tuning fork and tuning fork resonator cavity. For the first time you can demonstrate in uncontrolled conditions, without elaborate bench equipment, a variety of acoustical experiments...
AP6577 - $21.25
Safely and effectively demonstrate the Doppler effect! Swing this battery-operated buzzer over your head from its tethered string. Students will quickly observe a significantly higher pitch when it moves towards them, and a lower tone when it moves...
AP6856 - $22.15
Easily demonstrate the Doppler effect and fundamental principles of sounds. Tie a string to the buzzer and spin the buzzer over your head. Student will clearly hear the Doppler effect as the buzzer moves toward them and then away from them. Battery...
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