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AP6281 - $132.70
Make the holiday season joyous with seven chemistry demonstrations guaranteed to amuse and enlighten the entire class. • Mix two clear liquids and produce a “snowfall” of white flaky precipitate. • Make two solutions of holiday green and red and watch...
AP6186 - $13.25
Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus...right into your classroom in a snowstorm! Capture the attention of your entire classroom with this fun holiday seasonal demonstration. Explore the topics of solubility and saturation with this easy-to-prepare...
AP6858 - $23.55
Two solutions of holiday red and green are poured into separate tall form beakers and stirred. After 30 seconds, the beakers magically swap colors, red to green and green to red! Each solution contains a unique mixture of indicators. At low pH, one...
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