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AP6684 - $36.25
Students will be mesmerized by watching the layers in these bottles move and separate as they are turned upside-down, swirled, and shaken. Begin your discussion on density by displaying one bottle in front of the class. Later in the week, switch the...
AP6649 - $17.20
A free-flowing U-shaped tube contains what appears to be a homogenous blue liquid, yet the liquid levels in the sides of the tube are unequal. No tricks involved—just density! This simple demonstration is guaranteed to heighten student interest on...
AP6928 - $51.00
Molecules can't be seen, but we can see the forces between molecules. Use this set of four demonstrations to show students what happens when molecules attract each other—or don't! • Floating Oil Droplet The difference in densities of water and ethyl...
AP7046 - $34.00
Is it possible to pour a gas? Set up the specially designed ramp with equally spaced candles. Add a clear liquid to the beaker, hold the beaker at the top of the ramp, and pour the invisible contents. One by one the candles are snuffed out! The beaker...
AP7445 - $17.80
50 + 50 doesn’t always equal 100! Many students have heard that matter is not created or destroyed. This concept relates to mass but not to volume or moles. Show students that adding two identical volumes does not always give twice the volume when...
AP7931 - $26.10
Two layers of beads are suspended in the middle of a bottle. Give the bottle a shake and the beads move to opposite ends. The beads then slowly move back to the starting position. How does this happen? Two liquid layers of differing densities create...
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