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AP4848 - $22.30
Light up your classroom with fluorescent solutions! Under normal white light in the laboratory, these solutions appear colorless, yellow, orange, and pink. But, when the lights are turned off and a black light is shined on them, they glow—and with...
AP6018 - $68.65
Display these five eye-catching fluorescent liquids in your classroom! Permanently mounted in a sturdy wooden stand, the sealed vials contain solutions that appear different colors under normal classroom white lights. Turn off the lights, shine a black...
AP9080 - $24.30
It’s amazing how fast germs can be spread around your classroom. In this activity you’ll place a small quantity of glowing lotion on an object in the lab. Discuss how bacteria and germs are spread, telling students that you’ve contaminated one object...
AP5931 - $18.55
Our amazing super-duper polymer gel in a conveniently packaged kit that has everything you need to perform this gravity-defying demo—and the kit has an added twist! A fluorescent dye is included—simply add it to the alcohol poly-ox slurry, add tap...
AP9081 - $21.45
Slime is prepared in a solution of fluorescein and bromophenol blue. The resulting slime appears green in reflected light, red in transmitted light, and bright fluorescent green in ultraviolet light. Enough materials are included to perform the...
AP7435 - $42.55
H. J. H. Fenton, an English chemist, discovered in 1894 that some metal ions, particularly the iron(II) ion, catalyze the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide to generate highly reactive intermediates. Fenton’s reaction has been “rediscovered” and is...
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