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AP6433 - $30.55
Add a clear liquid to a red solution and watch as the colors of the rainbow appear in sequence. But wait, there's more! After a few seconds, the colors of the solution mysteriously reverse directions-switching from violet to blue, green, yellow, orange...
AP2086 - $35.30
A clock reaction is conducted using cinnamaldehyde, the organic molecule extracted from cinnamon sticks. Color changes are fascinating. Rates of reaction can also be discussed. Entire demonstration smells of cinnamon. Teacher Demonstration Notes included....
AP4601 - $46.40
Mix two colorless solutions and watch as, after a few seconds, they suddenly change from colorless to dark blue. What an attention-getter! This kit allows you to quantitatively demonstrate the popular iodine-starch clock reaction. In each demonstration,...
AP6615 - $28.55
First-order kinetics come alive as this hydrolysis reaction undergoes repeated color changes of yellow and blue. Bromthymol blue indicator, tert-butyl chloride, water, and a known amount of sodium hydroxide are added together forming a blue solution....
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