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AP4556 - $13.70
When a small amount of a white powder is sprinkled into a liquid and water is added, it transforms into a thick, viscous gel. When poured back and forth between two beakers, the gel begins to take on a life of its own and literally defies gravity by...
AP5931 - $18.55
Our amazing super-duper polymer gel in a conveniently packaged kit that has everything you need to perform this gravity-defying demo—and the kit has an added twist! A fluorescent dye is included—simply add it to the alcohol poly-ox slurry, add tap...
AP9081 - $21.45
Slime is prepared in a solution of fluorescein and bromophenol blue. The resulting slime appears green in reflected light, red in transmitted light, and bright fluorescent green in ultraviolet light. Enough materials are included to perform the...
AP4426 - $56.90
Polymers are an important part of our everyday life. Introduce your students to the fascinating world of polymer chemistry by making “slime,” polyurethane foam and nylon, and by demonstrating the super water-absorbent material found in disposable diapers....
AP7087 - $29.90
Sodium alginate is a natural “gummy-worm” polymer obtained from giant kelp and seaweed. The polymer is extremely hydrophilic or “water-loving” and dissolves in water to form a thick, viscous, smooth gel—perfect for use as a thickening agent in ice...
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