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AP1714 - $20.65
Flinn C-Spectra™—The Diffraction Grating Alternative Wow!! That's what students will say when they see the colors of the spectrum using the Flinn C-Spectra™. The vivid spectrum with distinct color separations helps students understand and enjoy the...
AP6040 - $37.85
Heavy-duty, yet compact version of the traditional spectrometer-an incredibly durable and accurate device! • Identify elements (such as mercury, sodium, hydrogen, neon) in flame spectra, spectrum tubes, solar spectra, fluorescent lamps, and even streetlights....
AP8696 - $9.30
This inexpensive, hand-held, diffraction grating spectroscope will measure wavelengths of light from 400-700 nanometers (nm) with an accuracy of ±5 nm. Great for use with spectrum tubes or when doing flame tests. Students will better understand spectra...
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