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AP4507 - $26.75
Shine a light on the topics of reflection, refraction and diffraction! In eight laboratory experiments students will use a simple laser pointer to measure the angle of reflection, determine the index of reflection of water, learn about polarization,...
AP9247 - $232.90
Demonstrate the principles of optics with this Laser Optics Lab. Students will: measure wavelengths of light, construct optical levers, test a lens for defects, investigate fiber optics phenomena, view a hologram, determine the index of refraction...
AP5716 - $278.95
Measure the angles of prisms using the Law of Reflection, demonstrate optics phenomena with a diffraction grating or measure the wavelengths of monochromatic light sources with this economical spectrometer. Reliable results will be obtained while students...
AP6626 - $66.75
Quickly and confidently demonstrate the concept of wave interference. Stack two identical circle patterns together on an overhead projector. Slowly slide one pattern over the other and the interference pattern will clearly develop before your eyes....
AP8008 - $44.75
AP Physics 2, Big Idea 6, Investigation 14In this advanced inquiry investigation, students devise a method for measuring the width of very thin materials by taking advantage of the principles of diffraction. The introductory activity provides instructions...
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