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FB1436 - $62.10
The most fundamental question in biology-what makes something alive? Biologists recognize at least four fundamental processes of cells-homeostasis, cellular respiration, enzyme-controlled reactions, and reproduction. These basic concepts are critical...
FB1668 - $102.45
Soil is the foundation of all land-based life and is crucial to the health of any ecosystem. Discover more about soil ecology and the levels of yeast and mold in soil with this hands-on student laboratory kit! Students use Petrifilm™ strips and serial...
AP7377 - $64.50
The quality of our water sources is of great concern to us all. Students will see the effects of chemical and thermal pollution first-hand when they perform this intriguing experiment. Students introduce yeast to different environmental conditions...
AP8052 - $44.95
Biofuels provide an alternative to petroleum-based fuels. Ethanol, a biofuel produced from biomass such as corn, is frequently blended with gasoline to produce a “cleaner” burning fuel. In this lab, students explore ethanol production through the fermentation...
FB2128 - $68.95
An evolution lab that integrates technology and quantitative data collection! In cooperation with Vernier Software & Technology, we developed this kit to provide the materials you need to do inquiry-based activities with proven results! Students...
FB2135 - $117.65
An evolutionary twist on a popular fermentation lab!  Use a simple fermentation chamber to quantify the volume of carbon dioxide produced by yeast. Students investigate artificial selection and adaptation of three varieties of yeast used in the...
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