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AP7014 - $126.80
Comprehensive kit consists of five hands-on experiments to explore the properties of waves and sound. • Using springs, students study longitudinal and transverse waves, and learn important concepts such as frequency, amplitude and period. • Observing...
AP7040 - $42.20
A classic demonstration-times four! Demonstrate resonance in a variety of different metal rods. Which variables affect the resonating sound the most? Compare thick and thin rods, short and long rods, and solid and hollow rods. Will a hollow tube resonate...
AP4616 - $20.05
Simpler alternative to resonant water columns. No need for water and its inevitable mess. A tuning fork is struck and held at the end of an open-ended hollow resonance tube. While listening to the tuning fork, students slide the expandable column until...
FB1994 - $45.35
Listen up! We are constantly exposed to sounds from televisions, radios, traffic, and even each other. When present at safe volumes, these sounds don’t affect our hearing, but, if the sounds are too loud or last too long, hearing may be compromised....
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