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AP7014 - $126.80
Comprehensive kit consists of five hands-on experiments to explore the properties of waves and sound. • Using springs, students study longitudinal and transverse waves, and learn important concepts such as frequency, amplitude and period. • Observing...
AP6161 - $26.55
Finally-an inexpensive, yet reliable, standing wave generator! The principles of wavelength, amplitude, nodes and anti-nodes will become concrete to students using this durable wave generator. Highly visible apparatus measures four feet in height-allowing...
AP6252 - $10.25
It's a fundamental wave principle-waves traveling through a medium at the same speed show an inverse relationship between wavelength and frequency. Now you can clearly and easily demonstrate this to your students! All you need is an overhead projector...
AP9023 - $27.00
Make waves with this 1.8-meter helical spring. Demonstrate standing, transverse and longitudinal wave properties.
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