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FB0160 - $5.60
A safe, simple way to put fruit flies to sleep without any hazardous or expensive chemicals. The CO2 gas generated with this apparatus will anesthetize the flies. Note: Requires Alka-Seltzer® tablets and water (not included); approximately 1/4...
AB1418 - $26.70
Carefully and properly applied, ether is still the best means of anesthetizing fruit flies. With this inexpensive device the process is nearly foolproof and hazards to user and flies are minimized. Ether is applied through a sidearm tube and held by...
FB1438 - $10.55
Finally a foolproof method to anesthetize Drosophila! Lull-A-Fly will anesthetize Drosophila for up to 45 minutes without killing or sterilizing them. Besides working like a charm, Lull-A-Fly is a much safer alternative than ether. The small-tipped...
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