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AP1040 - $1,204.35
A demineralizer (deionizer) purifies water by ion exchange or can remove organic impurities by selective adsorption. By selecting the proper cartridge, a science teacher can prepare the water needed for the laboratory. The Barnstead demineralizer is...
AP1043 - $138.70
Cartridge removes approximately 1725 grains of dissolved salts (expressed as sodium chloride). The amount of quality water this cartridge produces depends on the character of the starting water. The higher the level of ionizable impurities, the lower...
AP1044 - $143.90
Cartridge removes 760 grains of dissolved salts as sodium chloride. The quality of the water delivered is remarkably high (million ohm resistance) and is virtually free of carbon dioxide with a pH of 6.8 to 7.2. A science teacher would select this...
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