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ML1256 - $4.65
w.m. Isolated scales from the dogfish (Squalus).
ML1260 - $27.55
Four types, w.m. Set of four slides, one of each type of scale described above.
ML1261 - $18.35
sec. Blastodisc, mitotic figures are clearly depicted and numerous, hematoxyln stain.
ML1263 - $4.10
smear. All cell types shown.
ML1264 - $7.00
sec. Ciliated epithelium from oral mucosa.
ML1267 - $7.00
sec. General structure.
ML1268 - $7.85
c.s. Section to show dorsal root ganglion and portions of spinal nerve roots.
ML1270 - $4.35
smear.   Slides prepared from the tissues of this animal are popular at all skill levels due to the unusually large size of its cells. Preparations that would usually require medium to high power can be viewed under low to medium power. Recommended...
ML1271 - $5.45
c.s. Section through small intestine.   Slides prepared from the tissues of this animal are popular at all skill levels due to the unusually large size of its cells. Preparations that would usually require medium to high power can be viewed under...
ML1278 - $6.80
Contour feather.
ML1280 - $9.95
w.m. Composite of three types, contour, filoplume and down.
ML1281 - $11.90
sec. Special silver preparation. Oil immersion recommended.
ML1282 - $10.15
sec. Prepared from cells of turtle liver. Oil immersion recommended.
ML1283 - $4.85
smear. From human mouth; flat, irregular cells lining the cheek.
ML1284 - $7.15
sec. Section from kidney.
ML1285 - $6.95
sec. Section from intestine.
ML1290 - $8.30
sec. Cornified, section of squirrel foot pad.
ML1291 - $7.85
subcutaneous tissue spread.
ML1292 - $7.65
sec. Human adipose (fat storage) cells.
ML1293 - $11.00
sec. White; cross and longitudinal sections of human tendon.
ML1295 - $8.50
sec. Section from ear, Verhoeff's elastic tissue stain.
ML1296 - $13.85
c.s. Human, Haversian canals, lamellae lacunae, and canaliculi are all visible.
ML1395 - $30.70
Acoelomates, pseudocoelomates, eucoelomates, ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm. In a course surveying the various invertebrate phyla, these words are often used when comparisons are made. This set includes four slides selected to substantiate those comparisons....
ML1297 - $4.85
Giesma stain, erythrocytes, leukocytes, and platelets well differentiated. 
ML1298 - $5.10
Wright stain. Classic blood stain preparation. Leukocytes and platelets prominent.
ML1299 - $10.20
Smear with sickled red cells and a few normoblasts.
ML1300 - $4.10
Blood smear of rat. Giemsa stain.
ML1301 - $4.10
Blood smear of cat. Giemsa stain.
ML1302 - $20.00
Five separate slides-one each of: fish, frog, turtle, bird, and human. To show variation between the major classes of vertebrates.
ML1303 - $8.30
Macerated preparation to show individual cells.
ML1304 - $6.95
sec. Composite, cross and longitudinal sections from intestine.
ML1305 - $8.50
l.s. Thin sections specifically stained to show the details of the striations.
ML1306 - $6.85
sec. Composite cross and longitudinal sections to show general structure.
ML1307 - $7.90
sec. Section prepared to show intercalated discs.
ML1308 - $8.00
sec. Human heart muscle.
ML1309 - $10.95
sec. Composite; sections of smooth (involuntary), striated (skeletal, voluntary) and cardiac muscle on one slide.
ML1310 - $8.20
c.s. Section of mammalian spinal cord.
ML1311 - $11.15
c.s. Stained to differentiate myelinated and unmyelinated fibers.
ML1313 - $7.95
c.s. Section of human spinal cord.
ML1314 - $9.50
sec. Composite, cross and longitudinal sections on one slide.
ML1315 - $6.80
smear. Prepared from ventral horn of ox spinal cord.
ML1316 - $8.15
sec. Verhoeff's elastic tissue stain, compare to vein preparation below for thickness of muscle layer and proportion of elastic tissue in that layer.
ML1317 - $7.70
sec. Human, primary vessel leading out of (excurrent) the heart.
ML1318 - $8.00
sec. Elastic tissue stain, for general structure and comparison to artery preparation above.
ML1320 - $7.65
c.s. All three shown in a selected tissue section.
ML1321 - $7.60
l.s. Section of entire organ from small mammal.
ML1322 - $8.15
sec. Section from sole of foot.
ML1323 - $13.95
sec. Sections of pigmented and nonpigmented skin.
ML1402 - $32.70
A morbidly fascinating springboard to some very basic ideas about evolution, parasitism can be a marvelous teaching tool. A few of the mechanisms by which some organisms have evolved to make their living at others' expense are presented here. Plasmodium,...
ML1324 - $8.50
sec. Section showing portions of hair follicles, sebaceous glands, and sweat glands.
ML1325 - $7.75
sec. Section of non-human skin showing several hair follicles cut longitudinally.
ML1327 - $7.65
sec. Section of normal, healthy human lung.
ML1328 - $12.30
sec. Carcinoma of the lung, compare to normal lung ML327.
ML1329 - $7.25
c.s. For general structure.
ML1330 - $8.95
sec. Section to show foliate papilla with taste buds.
ML1331 - $6.80
sec. Section through fundic region.
ML1332 - $7.50
c.s. Section through jejunum (middle region).
ML1333 - $10.25
c.s. Composite, sections through all three regions-duodenum, jejunum, and ileum.
ML1334 - $6.90
sec. Normal, mammalian.
ML1335 - $6.95
sec. Section through normal mammalian liver.
ML1336 - $8.95
sec. Normal, human liver.
ML1337 - $11.25
sec. Section to demonstrate the effects of cirrhosis, often the result of alcoholism.
ML1338 - $6.50
c.s. Section through normal mammalian kidney.
ML1339 - $8.40
sec. Normal human kidney section.
ML1341 - $6.95
sec. Iron hematoxylin stain to show spermatogenesis and spermiogenesis.
ML1344 - $6.80
sec. Section from a young mammal, shows a large number of primary follicles.
ML1345 - $13.95
sec. Selected to show maturing follicle with ovum and cumulus oophorus.
ML1346 - $9.95
sec. Section selected to show corpus luteum.
ML1347 - $6.90
sec. Source of thyroxine, hormone that regulates most metabolic functions.
ML1348 - $6.85
sec. Section for general structure.
ML1349 - $6.95
sec. Section of mammalian pancreas to show cells specialized for the production of insulin-hormone responsible for the regulation of blood glucose levels.
ML1432 - $25.65
Smear. From culture of blood.
ML1431 - $25.65
Smear. From culture of blood.
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