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AP1869 - $108.30
White polycarbonate plastic, 13 1/2" in diameter. Supplied with thick gasket to accept either glass or plastic bell jars. A tubing adapter that accepts 1/4" i.d. vacuum tubing is located on the outside rim of the vacuum plate.
AP4506 - $193.65
Save money! Purchase a complete vacuum chamber system. Safe polycarbonate bell jar is 6" in diameter, stands 9" tall and has excellent chemical resistance. Clear plastic allows for easy observation of air pressure effects. Vacuum plate is...
AP8618 - $272.75
Large enough to accommodate bell jars up to 10" diameter (accommodates all bell jars, except AP1868). Fabricated from 1/2" steel plate for strength. Surface ground flat to provide a good seal. Plate is nickel plated for corrosion resistance....
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