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AP1597 - $728.10
The most durable two-stage pump you can buy. This quiet, dependable vacuum pump will produce a high-quality vacuum when performing experiments where a very low pressure is needed—boiling water at room temperature, etc. The rotary sliding vane produces...
AP1712 - $617.90
Low-maintenance, economical, single-stage vacuum pump is fast and easy to operate. Oil-less operation produces a moderate vacuum of 150 mm Hg (⅕ normal pressure). It can also push a pressure of 3,192 mm Hg, which is 4.2 times normal room pressure....
AP2289 - $128.05
Easy-to-use pump made of high-quality, corrosive-resistant polyvinyl chloride. Will quickly and easily maintain a vacuum of 25 inches of mercury and hold this level constant for 24 hours. A spring-loaded valve is provided so vacuum can easily be released...
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